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Flexible Schools is here to help you through the uncertainty with online tools and resources for running an effective and safe school year.

Navigate multiple learning alternatives and easily transition from one to another, no matter where students, or teachers, are located.

  • COVID-19 Schools: FREE Resources & Guidelines
    FREE - get it TODAY! ✅Create a customized plan for your school and classroom ✅Dozens of resources and templates to use now ✅Learn how to transition smoothly between different learning options
    Get it today
  • Online PD from ConnectedPD
    With ConnectedPD®, schools gain access to a course catalog of 100% online, self-study PD. Teachers can get staff development PD classes aligned with their professional learning plan goals and take them at their convenience.
    Only $100/teacher
    See for more details
  • Online and Hybrid Teaching Programs
    Prepare your teachers and education support staff with online self-paced programs designed for online and hybrid teaching.
    Enroll multiple educators for online programs
  • FREE Introductory PD Course for Teachers
    Provide an introduction to remote teaching for your teachers with the FREE 5-hour online PD course: How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher.
    Free online PD course for your teachers.


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School Solutions

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