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FREE Introductory PD Course for Teachers

FREE Introductory PD Course for Teachers

How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher is a free PD course that helps your teachers prepare for teaching continuity when classrooms are transitioned to remote or hybrid learning.

In this free professional development class, teachers learn the basics of teaching online while also being introduced to tools and resources that can be useful when teaching online.

Schools can quickly transition classroom teachers to becoming effective online teachers!

This course is provided through Professional Learning Board's site.

  • Thank you very much, helped with how overwhelmed I felt!
    Kathy C.
  • Thank you for offering this wonderful course at this unusual time in our country. It was very helpful!
    Anne P.
  • It was a good introduction for me and I'm looking forward to developing specific tools, like LMS.
    Festus U.
  • The videos in this class were very helpful! I really appreciated the variety of resources mentioned in the course.
    Ericka M.
  • This course was fantastic because it introduced a lot of options for online coursework, it took safety seriously, and it encouraged teachers to try new things.
    Sarah G.
  • Great content and usage of the LMS.
    Ryan E.
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Free online PD course for your teachers.


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