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COVID-19 Schools: FREE Resources & Guidelines

COVID-19 Schools: FREE Resources & Guidelines

Creating effective schools and classrooms during coronavirus is far from simple. 

That's why Flexible Schools offers free resources and guidelines for educators during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's are just some of the dozens of free resources and templates for implementation:

Action Planning Guide to prepare for immediate next steps
✅ Hybrid lesson plan templates for teachers
Online safety procedures for remote or hybrid schools

Distance Learning Handbook for parents

PLUS, you get access to the private Flexible Schools Facebook group.

Continue the conversation, ask questions, and connect with fellow educators!

  • This is a need you are addressing head on and in a clear/helpful/organized approach. I like the concept and 6 strands. This is a good initiative to make these resources freely available to those who need it right now, people in schools facing scary/unseen-before plans (or worse, no plans!)
    Cecile D., Leader in the field of International Education
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