Be Flexible. Stay Safe.

With COVID-19 impacting classrooms everywhere, education assistants are needed more than ever. Whether the teacher is teaching virtually, in-person, or a hybrid of both, you need to ensure that you’re up to speed in the latest technology and tools.

A flexible school enables you, the teacher, and your students to be located in multiple locations with learning transitioning smoothly from one to another. 

“Can I effectively work as a paraprofessional in a hybrid school?”

        “How can I support teachers during distance learning?”

   “What online tools should I be learning?”


flexible schools

Flexible Schools offers a 65-hour program specifically designed for paras during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hybrid Education Assistant Skills Program

How can paraprofessionals best support students and teachers? Overcome uncertainty with this self-paced 65-hour program.

✅ Support teachers in hybrid, blended, remote, or in-person learning
✅ Assist teachers with preparing and teaching online
✅ Earn a Certificate of Completion
✅ Only $350 for 65+ hours of training

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