Be Flexible. Stay Safe.

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting schools across the nation, substitutes are needed more than ever. Whether you’re teaching virtually, in-person, or a hybrid of both, you need to ensure that you’re up to speed in the latest technology and classroom management methods. 

A flexible school enables you and your students to be located in multiple locations with learning transitioning smoothly from one to another. 
Hybrid teaching in a Flexible School

“Can I smoothly work within a classroom’s LMS?”

        “How can I effectively manage a blended classroom?”

   “What tools do I need for remote learning?”


flexible schools

Flexible Schools is a collection of online educator programs training so substitutes can step up to the plate this school year.


coronavirus guidelines

COVID-19 Schools: FREE Resources & Guidelines

Browse dozens of FREE resources, assessments, and guidelines for schools during the coronavirus pandemic.

✅ Explore lesson plans and templates
✅ Learn how to transition smoothly between different learning options
✅ Review guidelines and assessments for implementation
✅ Zero impact on your budget. Completely FREE!

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Hybrid Substitute Teacher Skills Program

Prepare for any possibility with this self-paced 150-hour program created exclusively for substitute teachers with an emphasis on both pedagogy and educational technology.

✅ Implement a flexible lesson that can be taught online or in the classroom
✅ Run a video conference call and set up activities in an LMS
✅ Get more marketability with a Certificate of Completion
✅ Only $695 for 150+ hours of guided preparation and pedagogy

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