Be Flexible. Stay Safe.

Principals and school administrators  ensure that schedules run smoothly, teachers are appreciated, and students are getting the quality education they deserve.

In a world of social distancing, you’re now tasked with an overwhelming burden: re-opening schools safely. There are hundreds of recommendations to consider and they’re all falling on your shoulders. What’s best?

Hybrid Principal in a Flexible School“How can I create a re-opening plan for my school?”

       “Should we resume in-classroom instruction?”

  “Can our teachers cope with a hybrid curriculum?”

     ” How can we ensure everyone’s safety while providing quality education?”

These are just some of the many questions where principals and school administrators are looking for answers.


flexible schools

Flexible Schools is a collection of online learning and resources so principals can be best prepared for any possibility, including planning a safe environment, developing a hybrid curriculum, and even procuring enough masks for safe, in-person learning.

A flexible school enables students and teachers to be located in multiple locations with learning transitioning smoothly from one to another. With FREE resources and guidelines, online PD for your schools, and more, you’ll get the tools that enable you to easily implement flexibility and protocols to use school-wide.


flexible schools Strategy WorkshopCOVID-19 Schools: FREE Resources & Guidelines

Browse dozens of FREE resources, assessments, and guidelines for schools during the coronavirus pandemic.

✅ Explore lesson plans and templates
✅ Learn how to transition smoothly between different learning options
✅ Review guidelines and assessments for implementation
✅ Zero impact on your budget. Completely FREE!

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Online Teacher PD from ConnectedPD®

Get 100% online PD for your school with ConnectedPD®. Teachers access research-based PD courses, plus a bonus PD Tracker!

✅ Achieve PD goals
✅ Get accessible PD anytime, anywhere
✅ Flip your school’s PD
✅ Track PD

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Free PD Course for Your School

Support your teachers with the FREE 5-hour introductory course, “How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher.”

✅ Learn tips and tricks for online teaching
✅ Explore virtual classrooms
✅ Tap into hybrid and blended learning strategies
Completely FREE – zero impact on your budget!

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Training for Teachers, Subs & Paras

Support your educators with online teaching programs and watch them thrive in a remote or hybrid classroom! 

✅ Teachers create lessons that easily transition
✅ Substitutes set up activities in an LMS
✅ Education assistants support students and teachers online and in the classroom

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