Be Flexible. Stay Safe.


If we’ve learned anything from what’s happening in the world these days, flexibility is key. 

It’s the same with our schools. We can all agree, a safe school is a flexible one. 

But, when we think about being flexible, it leads us to hundreds of different possibilities for the 2020-21 school year. The thought of this can be overwhelming… and that’s before you even get to the right approach! What are Flexible Schools?

what are flexible schools    “How can we do a hybrid teaching class?”

“Can teachers teach in more than one place at the same time?”

  “What does a blended learning schedule look like?”

           “How do we plan for potential changes?”

These are just some of the many questions school leaders and educators are asking this school year. 


flexible schools

Flexible Schools enable students and teachers to be located in multiple locations with learning transitioning smoothly from one to another. Professional Learning Board® has developed a series of resources and programs to help principals, school leaders, teachers, substitutes, and education assistants during the coronavirus pandemic.

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